Call for Youth Stage Musicians


Call for Youth Stage Musicians, March 2018

Do you spend hours in your room noodling around on your guitar? Are you and your friends playing loud music in your garage? Got a fabulous voice and a friend who will accompany you on guitar? Writing heartfelt songs that no one has heard yet? Are you a wizard on your instrument? It’s time to show Uxbridge what you’ve got!

Young people have always led the way when it comes to music, so why shouldn’t they have their own stage? The Springtide Music Festival will be hosting a stage entirely for young musicians – no old people allowed! This stage will give young musicians a chance to show what they’ve got, and inspire locals of all ages to up their musical game.

All genres welcome; musicians must be 18 and under. Performance should be at least 15 minutes.

Apply now using our easy online form:

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