Your Guide to Springtide Day 1


Happy Friday, and happy festival! You’ve been waiting a long time for this weekend, so let’s get you sorted for maximum Springtide enjoyment!

Catch some Acoustic Pop-Ups

We’re sprinkling downtown Uxbridge with some sneak peek performances all weekend long. Check out this snap of Matt Gunn en route to Corner House Pub & Grill for his Acoustic Pop-up from our lunch rush today!

Get ready, get set: Pick up your wristband

You’ll need a wristband to get into all the gated venues, and the festival ticket Hub opens at noon. Bring your ticket (printed or on your phone) to the Hub at H. Bee Architecture, 88 Brock Street West, to make your exchange and, if you haven’t yet, pick up a printed schedule. Our sweet 2019 festival tee is also for sale at the Hub!

While you’re downtown, get the lay of the land: have a stroll along Brock Street and side streets and check out some of our unique shops and restaurants. There’s a venue map on the back of the Springtide schedule to guide you.

Festival o’clock!

Here we go! The festival gets underway at 5 pm, with three venues starting us off: catch some edgy rock and blues like Grass Grows Back on the Corner House Pub & Grill patio (5-8pm), indie rock heroes like Kingdom of Birds in The Second Wedge Brewing Co. tasting room (5-11 pm), or eclectic folk like CROW at Nexus Coffee (5-9 pm).

Don’t forget our FREE Acoustic Pop-Ups, too: listen while you shop for books at 5 and 6 pm at Blue Heron Books, and over dinner at 6 and 8 pm at The Passionate Cook’s Bistro.

From 7-10 pm, enjoy the work of fine artists like Whitney Ross-Barris in a cozy pub atmosphere at Hobby Horse Arms. 8 pm marks the opening of the Tin Mill stage, which offers a listening room experience in a historic mill/tannery-turned restaurant – and goes right through to 1 am with artists like Jim Bryson. Our festival Hub at H. Bee Architecture doubles as a country venue with Jess & Tay and The Beresfords from 8 to 10 pm.

The Urban Pantry stage lights up from 9 pm till 1 am, with some amazing singer-songwriters, like Marshall Veroni, to enjoy over after-dinner bites and cocktails.

And then the late-night venues open up: Corner House Pub & Grill’s indoor stage goes blues, rock and soul from 10 pm till 1 am, with artists like Jerome Tucker Band, while Col. McGrady’s does indie-rock-pop-folk from 10 pm till the weeeeee hour of 2 am, closing out the night with Matt Gunn.

And that wraps up Day 1. Time to hit the hay after a solid evening of incredible entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to have a weekend or Saturday wristband, better get some rest, cause there’s a LOT more festival to enjoy tomorrow!