Blue Opaline

Why are they called Blue Opaline? “Well we like the idea of being blue and made of glass and Led Zepplin was already taken”, says 15 year-old lead singer Ariyena Sorani. All jokes aside Blue Opaline are serious committed power pop rock band from Toronto, Canada. Well, not all the member are from the megacity and to get to rehearsal can mean driving a couple of hours for some of the members. But it’s not easy being serious or rocking, especially when 3 of your band members are still in high school. The band members are Ariyena who is 15, bass player Wyatt Garvin, 15, drummer Jordyn Wallace, 17 and guitarist Jake Gordon, 18.

It really does sometime take a village to make things work. Rehearsals and shows for Blue Opaline require parents with cars and erratic rehearsal schedules. But commitment is the key. “We have already changed a few band members over the last year so I guess that makes us a real band”, cracks Jake Gordon. But now with a set line-up and a sound they all love, they are ready for prime-time. Loud, edgy, one foot in history of rock, and one foot firmly in the future, Blue Opaline are full steam ahead. The band is focused on songs first, fully developed ideas with real structure, real stories, real choruses and real hooks. With a few covers thrown in for good measure, the sound is centered around super power house vocals from Ariyena Sorani, deep grooves from the rhythm section of Wyatt and Jordyn and serious heavy riffs from Jake. “We all have tons of bands we like and we aren’t afraid of pop music”, says Ariyena. “But this is different, We like each other and we love making the noise we make together”. With gigs booked for the summer and studio time dead ahead, Blue Opaline want to create a buzz that is lifestyle, taking the best of the old and the new and slamming it together with a unique fashion sense and just the freedom to be kids who want to rock.

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