Looking For Islands


Looking for Islands is indie folk music by Dan Huizenga, who writes songs that drift through anthems about love and gardening, aching melodies dealing with grief and heartache, and raw reflections on isolation and the need for togetherness in a time of climate crisis. A life-long songwriter who took a break from performing for over a decade, Dan began a return to live performance months before the pandemic hit. Once live music became impossible he focused on recording. In 2020 he released an EP called ‘Sunset Moon’ (his first release under the name ‘looking for islands’) and his first studio album, called ‘Agile Hope’, was produced by Guillermo Subauste (Pacha Sound) and released in March 2022. With a wide vocal range, Dan curls up in warm lows and drops his shoulders with highs wavering and breaking into a disarming falsetto. His past in an indie rock band comes out in his performance as he charges his exposed songs with raw energy.

Genre: Folk