Born and bred in the basements of one of Ontario’s most misprized musical hotspots, deepsix is an incendiary rock band fusing the gleefully mosh-heavy riffs of hard rock and punk, the biting flows and aesthetics of hip-hop, and the thoughtful vulnerabilities of singer-songwriter music to create a sound equally capable of shaking venues and breaking hearts. Formed in 2018 in Uxbridge, Ontario, when all members were still in high school, deepsix quickly shook off its small-town constraints and began to etch its name in the broader GTA punk scene with the release of the “reckless youth EP” in 2019 and a series of high-octane, relentlessly energetic live sets. Combining a uniquely versatile style, politically apt lyricism and a fiercely DIY ethos, the band followed up with a string of several singles, garnering endorsements from the likes of cleopatrick and Ready the Prince and appearing on bills alongside Luna Li, Mile End, Born Ruffians, Single Mothers, Fury in Few, and many others. “kerosene/hollow”, deepsix’s sophomore effort, was released in April of 2021 to overwhelmingly positive reviews shortly before personal complications forced the band into indefinite hiatus. This period of separation allowed the band to step away, hone their skills and sound, and return with a fresh vision, a fresh lineup and news of a widely anticipated comeback record, “for the first time”, set to release in 2022. Amassing a global following and over 100,000 streams across several platforms, deepsix has proven themselves to be an upcoming force to be reckoned with within Ontario’s music scene and beyond.

Genre: Rock