Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon’s newest album Shout is a triumph. It starts with the inner rumblings of the mind of an anxious person: someone who struggles with crowds and big groups of people, someone who craves solitude but does not really want to be left alone too long. It becomes the burst of energy and the surge of feeling that comes from the heart’s willingness to fight to be understood, to be less alone. It is the understanding that depression and anxiety will come and go. When you are in it, it’s hard to imagine you could feel better. If you are lucky, you have started to learn that those are the moments you have to make friends with those feelings; you pay attention to them and address them so you can let them go. You do your very best to arm yourself with the things that make you feel stronger. It is a deeply personal work. and her live performance follows suit, staying true to her folk roots but expanding into orchestral indie-pop territory.

Over the past year, in addition to winning SOCAN’s Songwriter of the Year, Gabrielle was a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award nominee for Contemporary Album of the Year, a 2018 ECMA nominee for Song of the Year (with the full album eligible in 2019), and a 2018 Music Nova Scotia Award Nominee for Songwriter of the Year, Solo Recording of the Year, and Pop Recording of the Year.

Genre: Indie-Pop