Grass Grows Back


A story that began on the boulevard. From the sticks to “The Six” the grass has grown back. Cut after cut, through cracks and concrete. Whether bent or broken, the grass remains. With deep roots established from strong seeds, the Grass Grows Back are an ongoing evolution & rebirth of revitalized rock n’ roll that are never static in their sound. 

Since their synthesis, their aim has been to capture the ears of those listening; to find a moment when progression pushes you to your feet, pushes you past just listening and into a state of feeling.

Jefferson, Jones & George deliver an all-encompassing live performance that leave audiences captivated by their electrifying & explosive music; the deep rhythms of George’s bass rumble throughout any building while taking hold of all those listening, Jones’ percussion works like dynamite and bursts out into the crowd with a lasting ricochet, and soft, vulnerable nuances can be heard in Jefferson’s strong vocals and lyricism to compliment and balance the band’s power & groove. Their extensive songbook will take you on an auditory journey through eras, influences and cultures. The trio has developed strong blues roots that are deeply grounded in the 60/70’s rock era.

Raw, unapologetic, authentic, unfiltered. The Grass Grows Back have been compared to The Doors, The Talking Heads, and Elvis. Always recording new releases and exploring unique ways to perform, you’ll be sure to see and hear the Grass as they travel throughout Ontario.

Join the green movement, because the Grass is growing.

Genre: Rock

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