Katey Gatta


Born beneath a willow eternally weeping for the ones before her, singer-songwriter and occasional roaming loner Katey Gatta writes songs that leave you feeling like you’ve caught the crosswind of a gentle breeze and a wailing gale. Sometimes people describe her sultry, sweet voice as mesmerizing or reminiscent of the likes of Norah Jones or Joni Mitchell–and well, sometimes it is. Her guitar playing is intricate and interesting, and features more than just a G chord. Don’t ask why she won’t wear her shoes when she starts to sing; all her secrets lie in the soles of her feet.

2019 saw her inclusion in the lineups for the Peterborough Folk Festival, Troubadour Festival, and Cicada Fest, as well as opening for the likes of Ben Caplan and Great Lake Swimmers, and providing direct tour support for My Son the Hurricane. A brand new studio effort, Silk Screens, is expected mid-2020 to follow up 2019’s Oddfellows | Live Sessions EP.


Genre: Folk