Kevin Ker


Kevin Ker is best known as the songwriter and frontman for Future History and Man Made Forest, as well as the founder and president of Epidemic Music Group. In March of 2017, he gained international recognition for organizing and producing a 437-hour long concert, which raised $100,000 for 17 local charities, garnered international media attention, and now holds the official Guinness World Record for “Longest Concert by Multiple Artists”.

As a songwriter, musician, promoter, booking agent and music producer, Kevin has a unique, 360-degree understanding of what it takes to successfully promote an event, put on a show, and develop a loyal following. With close to 10k followers across social platforms and an engaged community of music lovers, Kevin and EMG have a powerful promotional platform through which shows and events are promoted.

Kevin Ker’s solo/duo acoustic performances have mesmerized audiences in venues of all sizes, and he is equally as engaging performing to a crowd of 20 or 2,000. In addition to a large catalogue of original music, Kevin boasts an impressive collection of over 200 crowd-pleasing covers that are guaranteed to entertain crowds of all ages.

In June 2018, over the course of two days, Kevin wrote and recorded a surprise concept record entitled The Unraveling of the Drifting Cosmonaut- Featuring actual audio samples from space, the record is a story of untethering and floating into the unknown. The album continues to generate a cult following.

Epidemic Music Group

Genre: Alternative