Rory Taillon


Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Rory Taillon is a road warrior, touring across the country and back again. He has the soul of the east coast but the sound of the west in his songs. His latest album, Only Whispers is the work of a one man Wintersleep, a one man Tea Party, a one man Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, with a voice to match the majesty of the Rockies.

Originally from Port Perry in the GTA, his new home allows him to capitalise on the touring opportunities available, crisscrossing the country, one coffee shop at a time, one brew pub at a time to build up a following of fans.

The proliferation of craft breweries across the country has created new venues for musicians and Rory Taillon has paved a new road performing at many of them; he has even collaborated with 5 Paddles Brewery in Whitby on a bottle label that is also a playable record featuring one of his songs.

Rory Taillon is not just an entertainer – he is a performer. It’s just that simple, when Rory Taillon sings, everything stops and when its starts again it’s all changed. It’s just that simple, like folk.

He has charted with !earshot report, hitting number three on the national folk charts – sitting next to Buffy Sainte-Marie. But like Buffy, Rory Taillon is no coffeehouse cat seeking accolades over lattes. He is no beatless poet. He is a classically trained singer, a multi-instrumentalist and can vocally turn his hand to a variety of genres. The acoustic is for touring, since there’s only so much room in a civic for gear, merch, and of course that voice – that voice needs its own tour bus. It’s a band unto itself.

Genre: Folk, Alternative

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