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The 1990’s
Williamson has been a mainstay in the Toronto music scene since the early 90’s.
Tamara’s musical sensibilities began to blossom in a series of small, independent bands she formed in London before relocating to Toronto in 1991. In 1993 her band Mrs. Torrance and was signed with the major label BMG Canada. They released two full-length albums (one recorded at Le Studio in Quebec) and an EP. Before disbanding in 1998 the band toured extensively, supporting the likes of Jewel and Oasis, King Cobb Steelie, The Walton’s, The Beautiful South, Crash Test Dummies and The Pursuit of Happiness.
Mrs. Torrance were featured on many TV and radio shows and interviewed by Nardvar. They had two video’s on rotation on Much music and were interviewed on The Edge.

in 1994 Tamara was in a Diva show put together by Carol Pope at Buddies and Bad Times, Tamara is mentioned in the Carol’s book Anti Diva.

Tamara sang with the Rheostatics on many occasions including Maple Leaf Garden’s opening for the Tragically Hip, Tamara is featured on the Rheostatics CD Blue Histeria 1999.

In 2000 Tamara produced and released her first solo recording “Nightmare on Queen Street” The song Rope from this record was in rotation on Much Music and Tamara was featured on “The New Music” television program.
In 2001 Tamara fronted a trip-hop band called Microbunny which won the Nation wide CBC Big Break contest. Tamara also toured Europe and Canada playing guitar and singing with King Cobb Stealie and was featured heavily on the 2001 CD MayDay.
In this period Tamara also wrote and released five albums and toured extensively in Europe, Canada and the US. She has been a guest on “Les femmes s’en mêlent”” tour in France twice with Feist and Shannon Wright and been recorded for the Black session’s on French commercial radio.
Tamara was dubbed the “God Mother of Indie” by Eye magazine in 2002 and In 2003 NOW Magazine voted Tamara Williamson fourth best concert of the year just after Bjork and before GreenDay. Tamara has played Hillside Folk Festival and Regina Folk Festival. Tamara was also the first voice to be heard on the Do Make Say Think album “And Yet and Yet”.

2008 Tamara released Mother Sister Daughter Wife. An album about women survivors around the world.
Tamara was included on a 2014 release of current music on Arts and Craft Music label with her song “The Next One” performed by the band Absolutely Free.
Tamara released a video for her song “The Next One”
2017 Tamara’s song swipe was released on face book getting 7000 hits.

2016 Tamara painting were hung in the True North Art Gallery along with such rock icon’s as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

2015 Tamara wrote a book but it’s a secret.

In 2016 Tamara started the band CROW with Patty Ewuschuck. Due to record 2018.

Fun Facts. Tamara’s lodger growing up was Chris DeBurg.
Tamara once played in a band with Alan White the drummer for Oasis and is mentioned in there book The Truth.
Tamara’s father was a King.
Tamara lives in Uxbridge Ontario with her son Angus and dog Roger.

Garden Traffic. 1991. demo
Mrs Torrance . Why the Sky 1994. Cargo
Mrs. Torrance I’m The Bird 1996 BMG
Nightmare on Queen Street, 1998
Unconscious Pilot, 1999
The Arms of Ed, 2001 – Ocean Music
All Those Racing Horses, 2003 Aporia Records
The Boat, 2006 – Ocean Music
More Than A Decade, 2009 – Ocean Music
Small Songs, 2009 – Ocean Music
Sister Mother Daughter Wife. 2014



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