Kevin Ker

Kevin Ker is best known as the songwriter and frontman for Future History and Man Made Forest, as well as the founder and president of Epidemic Music Group. In March … Continue reading Kevin Ker

Emily Rockarts

Montreal-based indie singer-songwriter Emily Rockarts’ Little Flower is bursting with sonic easter eggs. Poised, polished, poppy and endearing, it’s hard to believe it’s a debut album. Rockarts’ 2016 EP Mapmaker … Continue reading Emily Rockarts


Folksinger is a new 3-piece project in Uxbridge that combines alternative rock with a wide-array of influences. Genre: Alternative


Potsy is a diverse Canadian musician who draws his inspiration from many musical genres. Genre: Alternative


Wooly is a four-piece art-folk ensemble based out of Whitby. Their seminal EP “Time to Grow” (released in 2018) has paved the way for their new sonic endeavours. This year … Continue reading Wooly

Rebekah Hawker

Barrie, Ontario’s Rebekah Hawker’s lyrics and melodies are a serious affair, evoking powerful images that resonate unbiasedly, speaking of a life lived, not imagined, giving an authenticity to the ups … Continue reading Rebekah Hawker

The Dill

Over the past 20 years, Dylan “The Dill” Hudecki has co-founded the post-rock duo Junior Blue with Broken Social Scene drummer Justin Peroff, toured the world with Toronto power-pop perennials … Continue reading The Dill


Soulful and gritty with a punk rock edge, Uxbridge’s own Just. Jess. weaves musical tapestries of love and loss, glory and grit. Genre: Alternative

Caleb Huizenga

Caleb Huizenga is a singer-songwriter from Uxbridge, Ontario inspired by Jeff Buckley, Rocky Votolato, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Turner. He started playing guitar in high school … Continue reading Caleb Huizenga

Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson is a Canadian “singer songer” and record maker. He has released 5 critically acclaimed solo recordings, the most recent being 2016’s Somewhere We Will Find Our Place, which … Continue reading Jim Bryson