Jeye Daye

Out of the embers of a misspent youth filled with classic rock, country, and disco, Jeye Daye’s sultry, soulful voice is featured on many projects ranging from acoustic folk metal … Continue reading Jeye Daye

Joshua Veens

Joshua is a homegrown product of the Uxbridge open mic scene. Inspired and encouraged by local artists, he has been carefully crafting his own sound that leans toward folk with … Continue reading Joshua Veens

Jenna Kessler

Jenna Kessler is a Guelph-based singer-songwriter whose piano driven songs are woven with emotion, story, and poetry. Jenna recently released a five-song EP entitled “A Still Life”, whose themes revolve … Continue reading Jenna Kessler


Weeds is a 3-piece band of roommates from Uxbridge, Ontario, blending a mix of folk and indie rock. Just a few neighbourhood hooligans making sounds for the love of music … Continue reading Weeds

Onion Honey

Onion Honey makes folk music that is sharp and sweet, featuring banjo, mandolin, washboard, double bass, fiddle, and warm five-part harmonies. It’s a recipe for a great time and good … Continue reading Onion Honey

Kennedy Road

Kennedy Road is a Toronto-based folk/Americana duo comprised of Sheila Carabine and Brian MacMillan. He’s the tall one. Their seamless vocal blend and electric on-stage chemistry is perfectly matched by … Continue reading Kennedy Road

Abigail Lapell

Call it Prairie Noir or Canadiana Desert Rock: Toronto’s Abigail Lapell sings haunting, gorgeous modern folk songs. She won the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the … Continue reading Abigail Lapell

John Muirhead

With stories and songs that kindle late-night Canadian campfires, John Muirhead’s award-winning song collection reflects the highs and lows of love, ambition, and living on the road. While he is … Continue reading John Muirhead