Mattie Leon

Mattie Leon is a singer-songwriter hailing from the western reaches of Toronto. A craftsman with a guitar, Mattie refuses to leave the past behind. His sensibilities are informed by the … Continue reading Mattie Leon

Gravely James

Chris Madronich, AKA Gravely James, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist and wild child born from the steel city of Hamilton and raised in Port Colborne. His involvement with music … Continue reading Gravely James

Peter Bradley

Uxbridge’s Peter Bradley has drummed, strummed, and sung in local bands over the past decade. With his guitar, Peter writes from that quiet place inside us that rarely gets unleashed … Continue reading Peter Bradley

Bekah Kennedy

Bekah Kennedy is a singer/songwriter and native of Uxbridge. She’s been playing guitar and singing for 10 years, and has been writing songs for even longer than that. She’s a … Continue reading Bekah Kennedy

Marshall Veroni

Marshall Veroni is a Canadian singer-songwriter who blends contemporary folk with deep feeling and intuitive guitar work. Veroni’s music is best summed up like this: you can’t ignore the feelings … Continue reading Marshall Veroni


Someone once wrote that we should see the earth as womb, and that state of mind is immediate when hearing DRFTR sing. His voice is a call for hope, for … Continue reading DRFTR

Isabel Madeline

Isabel Madeline is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Uxbridge, Peterborough, and Montreal. As a singer-songwriter, she has performed both covers and original work at a variety of festivals and competitions … Continue reading Isabel Madeline

Claire Coupland

With powerhouse vocals comparable to Susan Tedeschi and Basia Bulat paired with the velvety softness, clarity and intonation of Eva Cassidy and The Staves, there is a pureness to Claire’s … Continue reading Claire Coupland