Jeye Daye

Out of the embers of a misspent youth filled with classic rock, country, and disco, Jeye Daye’s sultry, soulful voice is featured on many projects ranging from acoustic folk metal … Continue reading Jeye Daye

Suitcase Sam

It seems like there must be a whole symphony of Suitcase Sams. There’s the wee-hours, suit-wearing, parlour singer of his early, Get It To Go days. Then there’s the road-hardened … Continue reading Suitcase Sam


Burs is a 4-piece folk/rock band comprised of the guitar-playing-songwriting duo of Lauren Dillen and Ray Goudy, bass player and sound maker Devon Savas, and the rhythmically and technologically savvy … Continue reading Burs

Kevin Ker

Kevin Ker is best known as the songwriter and frontman for Future History and Man Made Forest, as well as the founder and president of Epidemic Music Group. In March … Continue reading Kevin Ker

Joshua Veens

Joshua is a homegrown product of the Uxbridge open mic scene. Inspired and encouraged by local artists, he has been carefully crafting his own sound that leans toward folk with … Continue reading Joshua Veens


Savanna is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Bowmanville, Ontario who has trained professionally with Roberta Michele, who worked as a background vocalist for Celine Dion and currently works with other artists … Continue reading Savanna

London Hammer

London Hammer is a 4-piece indie rock band consisting of members Gaelen Strathdee (vocals, guitar), Jack Farrell (guitar), Andrew Northey (vocals, bass), and Mitchell Staffen (drums). Formed in their first … Continue reading London Hammer

Jenna Kessler

Jenna Kessler is a Guelph-based singer-songwriter whose piano driven songs are woven with emotion, story, and poetry. Jenna recently released a five-song EP entitled “A Still Life”, whose themes revolve … Continue reading Jenna Kessler