Happy National Volunteer Week!

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are turning the spotlight onto one of our fabulous volunteers, Lisa Streets. We like to call Lisa a professional Springtide Volunteer! She is passionate and dedicated and we are so happy to have her on our team!

Here’s a little spotlight, volunteer interview with Lisa!⁠

“I’ve been volunteering at music festivals around the world for years… I discovered that I liked helping to create the magic and ensuring guests and performers have a great time,” said Lisa. “I really appreciate the experience and the camaraderie.”⁠

  1. What was your first Springtide festival like?⁠
    “I loved the layout with the different venues and pop-ups. It’s a great solution to chilly spring weather!”⁠
  2. What do you love most about Springtide? ⁠
    “There’s always such an amazing range of artists. And the intimate venues add to the feeling that you’re seeing something special and unique.”⁠
  3. Why do you think Springtide is important for our community?⁠
    “I think it helps both locals and visitors explore what Uxbridge has to offer, in both venues and artistic talent!”⁠
  4. What is your best Springtide memory?⁠
    “Ahhh impossible to choose just one! Warming up in Urban Pantry with Bernadette Connors; hanging out with Birds of Bellwoods (LOVE THEM) in the historic train station; a pint in the sunshine at Second Wedge Brewery while being astounded by the style & talent of Alissa Vox Raw…I could go on!”⁠

    Thank you Lisa for all your hard work on the Volunteer team!⁠ We are grateful for the robust group of volunteers that lend their efforts and passion to making Springtide weekend the talk of the town, year after year.

    You too can join our team and be part of the Springtide Music Festival! We’d love to have you. Sign up today!