Springtide Interview Stage


Designed to inspire and entertain musicians and non-musicians alike, each Interview Stage session will showcase an eclectic group of musicians conversing and performing in an intimate setting.

Join us for a special Springtide afternoon getting up close and personal with some of our artists. The Interview Stage will be hosted at The Bridge on Springtide Saturday, and is comprised of 3, 45 minute interview sessions, each session chatting with 3 of our artists.

At 3pm we will have the Fires Songs Session. An interview with Hollowsage, Alannah Kemp and Kevin Ker, hosted by Josh Veens. This session was inspired by the Woodpile Collective, a group of local artists who came together to share and enjoy music, in a covid-safe environment, around a campfire during the lockdown months. This session is all about community and how important it is to our songwriters.

Fire Songs from Woodpile Collective
3:00 – 3:45 pm

At 4pm we will have the Up Close And Too Personal session hosted by experienced host, Blair Packham. This session delves into the lives of our guests; Emily Rockarts, Gravely James and Joel Saunders. Our host will have free reign to ask our artists any and all questions about their lives as musicians.

Up close and too personal
4:00 – 4:45 pm

The 5pm session is our One Song session, hosted by Tamara Williamson. Artists, Suitcase Sam, Stephen Stanley and Rebekah Hawker have chosen a favourite song that they have written. One that speaks to them more than others. In the interview, they will dive into the process of writing it, their inspiration, the story behind the lyrics and what it means to them. At the end of the session you will hear the song, and hopefully have an in-depth understanding of all that went into its creation.

One Song
5:00 – 5:45 pm

This festival stage is a great way to see our artists in a different way. A relaxing and organic conversation in a coffee house, where you will get to know your favourite artists in a more casual and intimate setting.

The Interview Stage is open to all those with festival wristbands. If you still haven’t picked up your Springtide 2022 tickets yet it’s not too late!