Carsie Blanton

Carsie Blanton is a songwriter with hooks, chutzpah, and revolutionary optimism. “It is possible to face the world as it is – rapidly heating, ruled by grifters, ravaged by profitable wars – and still have hope,” she says of her forthcoming release, After the Revolution. “Not the narrow, grasping hope you might hang on an election or a billionaire, but a patient, zoomed-out hope.”

Blanton’s ninth full-length album draws from her many influences. Tracks like My Good Friends evoke her childhood in Appalachia, while Ain’t We Got Fun showcases a musical roux earned from a decade spent in New Orleans. The title track, a hard-rocking protest anthem, shows that her commitment to the good fight need not obscure her considerable acumen as a writer and musician.

With her unique mix of humor, craft, and social critique, Blanton has amassed a small menagerie of viral hits Rich People, Shit List, Fishin’ With You and a dedicated fan base.

Her latest album After the Revolution, produced by Grammy-winner Tyler Chester, was released in March of 2024.