Conor Gains

Conor Gains believes in the knowledge-bearing potential of the open road. Take stories collected from travels, cosmic soundscapes, feelings of familiarity and exploration and there you have this unique and thoughtful sound. Carefully crafting music that has landed him in the distinct world of Americana, Alt Rock & Blues. Conor’s devotion to the craft has built him a wonderful, blossoming career. Starting out playing in small town bars and clubs of late night crowds across North America, Conor has cut his teeth and played plenty of notes. These days the music is elevated and people are starting to take notice of the prolific catalog of songs that make their way across festival stages and halls. With a more intentional “song first” approach, the live shows are the living proof. Gains has the presence and depth of a masterful storyteller and artist who is sure to resonate with any fan of real music.

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