Allister Bradley

Imagine Sting having cocktails with Norah Jones, while Bruce Hornsby and Billy Joel argue over the cheque, and you’ll get a sense of what to listen for in Allister Bradley’s songs. Some songs are truly autobiographical, some wildly fictional, but nonetheless you’ll recognize the struggles and the celebrations that make every day alive an adventure for us all.

Pianist/vocalist/songwriter and member of several bands, Allister actually spends more of his time behind the scenes, making records for independent artists, writing music for films, mentoring young artists and producing educational events for songwriters. Combined with the simple love of writing songs and singing them for an audience, these endeavours have carried him for decades since his last cubicle job.

Allister has been co-writing lately with artists and songwriters in Canada, England, and Scotland, and is shifting back to sharing more of his original music after years in the recording studio helping others realize their musical dreams.