Bella is a nineteen-year-old folk-pop singer-songwriter living in the small Ontario town of Orillia where she performs, writes and trains. She is currently working with multiple Juno Award-winning producers on her debut EP.

She accompanies her lyric-driven songs and emotive voice (trained in music theatre style among others) with guitar and piano. Her lyrical style is reminiscent of Taylor Swift in its storytelling with remarkable attention to physical and emotional detail.

Bella’s songs tend to put a magnifying glass over every feeling she experiences, so they are relatable for her listeners, and give voice to all of the varied feelings people go through in their lives. Bella’s acoustic sound supports the emphasis on her words, and showcases the natural climaxes in her songs that she builds with emotional resonance and vocal technique.

In her songs, Bella plays to humanity’s insatiable desire to listen to stories, drawing listeners into narratives with catchy melodies and poetic twists of phrase. Her songs paint a picture in the mind, and they hit a universal chord in those who come across them.