Callahan and the Woodpile

Callahan and the Woodpile found comfort in community. Fronted by singer-songwriter and former solo artist Callahan, The Woodpile may only have recently made their introduction, but most members have been playing together for the better part of a decade. After playing together on the road for his first album “Where Are You Going” in 2018, Callahan began writing new material with the band in mind. Everything felt richer, louder, and more lush with them behind him; and though still true to his Indie-Folk roots, Callahan felt ready to bring The Woodpile into the world. Thus spawns “Burning Each Light”, the first record as Callahan and the Woodpile, which was released on all streaming platforms in April 2022. The 10 track album weaves through lapsteel-laced Alt-Country and heavy hitting Indie Rock with ease, with shoutable choruses and thoughtful lyrics. After a summer of live shows in promotion for “Burning Each Light”, and a collection of new songs, the band is eager to head back into the studio in the new year and begin recording the next project.