Erin Blackstock

Erin Blackstock was born to sing! Growing up in the church choir in Zephyr, ON since the age of 3 years old, she has always been finding her voice. She is a local singer/songwriter and a fulltime working musician for the past 10 years. She has been making waves in the local music scene through her connections with fellow artists and businesses. She is an avid supporter of local artists and is the founder of the musical community Whiskey & Strings. A platform for artists globally to share their talents. She has been described as a leader within her community. Her influences are from the Americana genre such as Lori Mckenna and Serena Ryder. Also the 90s Era with likes of Sarah Harmer, Alanis and Jann Arden. Erin is currently recording her first EP that will be released in fall of 2024. She has played over 1000 shows in her 10 year career and looks forward to focusing on her original shows in the coming years.