Willow Switch

Willow Switch is a dark folk music duo that embodies the crossroads of tradition and innovation. The band consists of saw-player and guitarist Andra Zlatescu and banjo player Robin Henry. Together they call upon the spirits of the land to create ambient haunting harmonies and sing open the doorways to other realms.

Their debut album, released in October 2023, is a musical journey through the dark spiritual dirges that evoke a sense of foreboding, much like a cold fog billowing down a mountain. Willow Switch’s melodies are equally eerie and captivating, luring listeners into the dark, uninhabited corners of the woodlands. Their sound has been called doom-folk, heavy meadow, folk noir, “the crossroads between Appalachian and Black Sabbath”. If you venture fearlessly into the secret heart of the forest you can find out for yourself.

At the core of Willow Switch’s music lies a deep reverence for folkloric stories. They spin tales of civilization lost and reclaimed by nature, exploring themes of grief for old almost-forgotten pathways, and weaving those threads of memory into dreaming up new futures. Through their music, Willow Switch seeks to carve out a new path in the folk music landscape.