Introducing our Local Hero Series

Springtide Music Fest is about bringing out local musicians to share their talent and love of music. We take pride in being able to provide a stage to showcase our local music heroes and to help spread their beautiful sounds to all those who listen.

We also love that Springtide shares people and experiences. Memories are made with us and friends are found. It may be ingrained in our nature, being from the small, but growing, community of Uxbridge, we know what a tightly knit group of neighbours feels like. Today we are excited to Launch our Local Heroes video series, where we will share a snippet into the lives of some of our beloved, local, music icons.

First off the block is Dawna Marie. Dawna grew up in Uxbridge and discovered her love of music at a young age.

“Have been playing music since I was a little girl, first piano and then guitar at age 24. I started writing songs soon after learning a few chords but really started playing out about 5 years ago, says Dawna.”

“I love the sense of wonder in the mundane and often write about my real experiences intermingled with fiction and dreams not yet realized. I often refer to music as my lifeline. I feel stronger and feel able to live better when I’m out playing or listening to live music. My favourite thing is when I feel that magic connection between the musician and the listener.”

To follow along with the rest of our Local Heroes video series, keep an eye out on our social media pages and check back on the Local Heroes section on our website.

Big shout out to Diamond Sponsor @KX96FM for your support of the 2022 Festival!