The Pairs Live in Concert at The Second Wedge

Get ready for an extraordinary evening of soulful indie folk music as Springtide Music Festival and The Second Wedge Brewing Co. proudly present “An Evening with The Pairs” live at the brewery. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our co-presented music series with the return of The Pairs for this upcoming show filled with captivating melodies, enchanting harmonies, and memorable storytelling. Mark your calendars for Friday, March 15 at 8pm and prepare to be moved by The Pairs’ mesmerizing live performance.

About The Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Located in Uxbridge, Ontario, The Second Wedge Brewing Co. is a prominent craft brewery known for its exceptional craft beers and strong connection to the community. As part of our shared commitment to supporting live music, we are excited to co-present this music series with Springtide Music Festival that will bring together music enthusiasts in a vibrant and inviting space. Join us at The Second Wedge Brewing Co. and experience the magic of live music in the heart of our brewery.

About The Pairs
The Pairs, an indie folk trio based in London, Ontario, are ready to captivate you with their soulful melodies and poetic storytelling. Their unique musical style, characterized by enchanting harmonies and delicate acoustic guitar, will transport you to a world of emotion and reflection. With three distinct lead singer/songwriters, The Pairs offer a unique blend of music with stories of life’s hope, hilarity, and hardship.

These classically trained vocalists blur the line between the stage and the crowd as if we’ve pulled up a seat around their family’s lively kitchen table. This award-winning group has been touring internationally in Canada, the USA, and Europe since 2022 and released their third studio album titled, “When Will We Find Our Way?” on October 13th 2023.


We often joke about how The Pairs started as three friends coming together to play music that soothed our achy hearts. It was our own little form of group therapy that has since changed our lives for the better and continues expanding to include more and more people like you.

As we share this experience with one another, we’re learning to have the courage to voice how it is we truly feel, and this in turn creates an opportunity to connect with those that might feel the same way. We start to build a new way of looking at the world within us and the world around us, and together we imagine new possibilities for what the future might look like.

We’ve all been handed stories and ideas about ourselves from the day we were born. We’re bombarded with messages about who we ought to be, how we should or shouldn’t expect to be treated, and how we are supposed to show up to the world around us. We’re made to believe that truth is finite, binary, and absolute, while taught to remove the nuance and complexity from our existence.

Our latest album is a collection of songs that engage with our own experiences of unraveling and rebuilding. These songs share our own encounters with unmet expectations in life and love. Not only romantic love but the love we hold for ourselves. It’s about learning how to embrace the parts of our identities that our culture has shamed us into ignoring and how to honestly look at how we contribute to the ongoing problems that are faced by people within and outside of our communities. We strive to encounter it all with an open heart, ready to feel the grief that comes from letting go of a life we thought we knew and choosing to move forward in a more meaningful and liberating way.

For us, singing our songs can feel like shaking off the parts of ourselves we no longer wish to carry – the shame, the avoidance, the self-ridicule – and while choosing a path different from where we’ve been before is uncertain and precarious at times, it feels empowering to publicly share who it is we wish to become.

We hope that our music and live shows can engage people in optimistic and meaningful conversations about making real change within ourselves. By trusting that there is more than one way to live our lives, we can better show up for the demands of the world around us and better support our communities. It’s about rethinking our purpose as humans and cultivating a more vibrant and expansive way of being together on and with this planet we all call home. Resilience

Guest Blog –Will McGuirk, Slowcity

Resilience. That’s the theme. Not just for the festival but for the bands and the sponsors too I think. What’s that Last of Us episode, Endure and Survive yes.

The town of Uxbridge, home to Springtide Festival running June 9 through 11 this year, is still in recovery mode from the 2022 tornado which tore through the downtown, most notably for the festival, destroying the Second Wedge brewery, a second home to many musicians in the area.

The Sadies, headliners this year, are also in recovery mode; on the road, touring, performing, after the sudden death of founder Dallas Good also in 2022, and all after recording what reviewers are calling their finest album to date, ‘Colder Streams.’ Good’s brother Travis along with bandmates Sean Dean and Mike Belitsky made the difficult choice to endure and take the album on the road, as Dallas would want the songs to get an airing before an audience. Having seen them live, the Sadies are, even with one man down, no less captivating on stage, with all three surviving members, giving it their all fully and completely, as the late Gord Downie, a collaborator with the band, sang so fully and completely himself.

As of now the Second Wedge is planning to open soon, and of course be the HQ for the festival. The Farmers Market is returning and the beer garden is scheduled to open later this month.

While the music community of Uxbridge is at the core of the fest with the line-up chock-a-block with local acts the Springtide folks are a welcoming bunch and this year along with the Sadies, some more nationally-know acts such as Terra Lightfoot (no relation), AHI, and Aysanabee.

Like Uxbridge itself there are many layers, many sides, a complexity to these artists. Aysanabee is a singer/songwriter and producer. He is Oji-Cree, Sucker Clan of the Sandy Lake First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. AHI is also a singer/songwriter who combines indie, soul, folk, into high spiritual hymns. He is coming off a European tour prior to Springtide.

Terra Lightfoot is a powerhouse from the Hammer, with a steely determination to her voice. Evangeline Gentle also has a steely determination; her single ‘Gay Bar’ is a full-on club banger. Dream-poppers Dizzy have also ramped it up on their own club banger, the call to arms and heads of the front row, yip speaking of the hit ‘Open Up Wide.’

Billiane, well what can you say about the TikTok champ, she is still getting used to the stage but most definitely belongs there. Her covers of Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ went viral and she has her own tracks ‘No Wonder’ and ‘Full Circle’ out.

AHI also has a track titled ‘Full Circle’, “Ooh-ohhh, round and around you bring me right back/ Round and around you lead me on home/ Round and around and I come full circle.”

I don’t know if the circle is as full, there has been loss, but I think this town and this festival are coming round again. Endure, Survive = Resilient.

Everything You Need To Know About Springtide Part 1!

We are one week away from Springtide Music Festival 2023 so here’s everything you need to know about this year’s festival–buckle up!

Springtide 2023 runs Friday, June 9th to Sunday, June 11th with multiple venues and stages across Downtown Uxbridge, featuring a wide range of Canadian musicians. This means you get access to tons of live music to choose from all weekend long!

Outdoor Main Stage
After their post-tornado rebuild, The Second Wedge Brewing Co. is back as the hosts of our Outdoor Main Stage. The full stage set up will be located next to the shiny, new brewery building and is where you will catch acts like festival headliners, The Sadies on Springtide Saturday, and viral TikTok star Billianne on festival Sunday.

Festival Trolley
If you’re from Uxbridge, you’ve likely seen the antique Town Trolley driving around town for special occasions and events! On Friday evening and Saturday evening from 6pm to Midnight the trolley will maintain a continuous loop around Uxbridge to making stops at local neighborhoods and festival venues for folks to catch all the music they want in a timely ‘hop on’ and ‘hop off’ fashion. This unique shuttle experience is the perfect way to get you around town, and save you the need to bring your car! Watch for the Trolley Signs along the festival route! The full route can be found on our website at

Youth Stage, Kids Social and more!
Along with our awesome musical performances, Springtide is excited to share some exciting workshops and activities for kids!

Our young, budding talent will be sharing their musical skills on Springtide Saturday’s Youth Stage, located at the Uxbridge Legion from 1:30pm to 5 pm. You will hear 9 performances, from artists 18 and under, including one Youth Stage alumni, Else Langhans, and a special performance by young inspiration, Billianne from Milton, Ontario. Entry is included with a Saturday or Weekend Wristband and or is $10 at the door without one. Admission for Kids 12 and under is free when accompanied by a wristband holding adult.

At The Bridge Social from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday you can catch 3 workshops where you can get up close and personal with some of your favourite artists.

2:00pm Storytelling or I’m Not Telling hosted by The Pairs with panelists Aleksi Campagne, Dawna Marie, and Geoff Holt (Barn Cat). Do you want your listeners to know exactly what you are singing about, or do you prefer that the interpretation is completely open to their imagination? Let’s talk about songs that were misinterpreted and let’s talk about how much you want people to know.

3:00pm The One That Got Away hosted by Sarah Beatty with panelists, Bernadette Connors, Alannah Kemp and Rachel Hickey. There are so many great stories of songs that nearly got left off albums and then went on to become hits, but what about the other side of the coin? Let’s discuss artist instinct – when you know a song has completely delivered but maybe it didn’t garner the interest that you thought it would? How does it make you feel? Do You move on, do you imagine the time just hasn’t arrived yet for this particular song…?

Finally at 4:00pm Which Came First: The Song Or The Story, hosted by Stephen Stanley with panelists, NEFE, Mikhail Laxton and Burs. Each of the three artists on the panel will play a song that has a personal story meaning to them and will discuss fact vs. fiction, was it a melody that launched the narrative? Did the story completely drive the forming of the tune? Did you embellish, did you add, did you omit? Are there gaps left for the listener to fill in?

On Springtide Sunday, the fun continues with 3 family friendly workshops, hosted by our friends a Music Declares Emergency. Along with bucket drumming at 2pm, The Bridge Social will host Climate Care for the Young, an interactive musical workshop for families, with songs and stories, and resources for parents and caregivers to build knowledge around the power of singing to support children in a time of climate crisis.

At 3:00 pm at the Fig Kitchen & Market will feature Changing the Tune on Climate: the role of music in the transition to a culture of care and sustainability.  Music Declares Emergency Canada’s co-ordinator Kim Fry will be joined by Springtide artists Braden Lam, Mimi O’Bonsawin and songwriter Tiiu Tutt of Land Heart Song for a panel discussion about the role of music and the music industry in taking climate action.

Where To Find The Springtide Festival Schedule So you’ve got your Springtide tickets, now what? Well, you can head over to our website to find our full festival schedule or pick up a printed version at local businesses across Uxbridge. Earmark the artists that you don’t want to miss and then, plan your festival route!

Springtide 101: The festival has a selection of FREE pop up acoustic performances that will be scheduled at Blue Heron Books, Fig Kitchen & Market, Mani Tea, and Woods Clothing on Saturday and Sunday.

Ticket Locations
This year, there are several locations where you can purchase tickets, and exchange for your wristbands.

You will have one last chance to catch Springtide at the Uxbridge Farmers’ Market ahead of festival weekend. We will be there on Sunday June 4th with local artist Whitney Ross-Barris, and Mattie Leon with ticket purchase available onsite!

Pre-sales will also be made available at The Bridge Social, at 64 Brock St West in downtown Uxbridge on Wednesday, June 7 and Thursday, June 8 only from Noon until 3pm. Stop in and say Hi! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Springtide Ticket Hub located at H. Bee Architecture, at 88 Brock Street West will be open during festival hours starting at noon on Springtide Friday and 9am on the Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets will also be available at the Uxbridge Tourism Trailer located at The Second Wedge Brewing Co. to purchase and exchange wristbands.

Finally, the Uxbridge Legion will be open for ticketing during festival hours. Friday 7pm to close, Saturday 1pm to close. Also note that Youth Stage Tickets will be $10, available at the door, or included with your Saturday or Weekend wristband.

The Countdown Is On!
Now, if you haven’t already, mark your calendars and start your countdown! We hope you are just as excited as we are. Keep an eye on our social media pages for Everything You Need to Know About Springtide Part 2 (because there is a lot!) and some Springtide 101s to help you enjoy and experience the festival to its fullest!

Another round of applause for Springtide 2022!

What an awesome weekend we had. Read on for a little trip down Springtide weekend memory lane…

Starting off with a bang, we kicked off the festival with the Thursday night Launch Party featuring killer headliner Bedouin Soundclash, along with folk musician Julian Taylor and local artist Tania Joy. People from near and far filled the music hall to dance, sing along, and enjoy live music together. We stayed up past our bedtime, enjoying local craft brews, cider, and great music in the historic Uxbridge Music Hall, and it felt great!

Friday afternoon, venues around Uxbridge filled up with musicians and music lovers alike. We also had the interactive youth Songwriting Workshop with Bernadette Connors and the Author’s Stage where former MuchMusic man Tim Deegan interviewed journalist Michael Barclay as he discussed his book Hearts on Fire: Six Years That Changed The Canadian Music Scene.

Through the evening and into the night musical sounds across all genres filled the Uxbridge streets. The soothing sounds of Hollowsage at the Uxbridge Legion, local pop star Carley Hope at Urban Pantry, folk band Wooly and local rocker Tamara Williamson at Wixan’s Bridge, and so many more. We close out the night with another awesome headliner at the Uxbridge Music Hall, Boy Golden “redefining jam band and stoner cultures by turning dead heads into lively brains.”

Saturday morning we woke up early to catch Yoga at Banjo Cider with Sun Dog Yoga and a sound bath from Inner Environmentalism. After catching our collective breaths, we were then ready for a final Springtide day full of music.

Interview Stage got us up close and personal with some of our favourite acts, curated by Tamara Williamson at The Bridge Social. The Interview Stage, offered in-depth interviews and workshops with a dazzling lineup of musicians including Emily Rockarts and Stephen Stanley, accompanied by some unforgettable freestyle jams.

Our Youth Stage highlighted six solo artists who played to a full house, and captivated the audience with their outstanding musicianship and range of styles. Thank you to Julia Middleton, Josh Takeda, Jillian Foote, Jude Veens, Harmony Meirik and Else Langhans for sharing your music with us! We finished off the afternoon with a performance from Youth Stage alumni, Nate Hobor who spoke of the importance of the youth stage on his musical journey and then capped off the afternoon with a mesmerizing set of covers and originals.

We also opened our Outdoor Main Stage, in it’s new Centennial Park location. Families gathered on picnic blankets to enjoy the warm weather, the fabulous music, and then a quick rain shower to let us cool off! As we danced in the bubble machine we enjoyed the sounds of musicians like local artist Matt Gunn, with his look-a-like band mates, Goodnight Sunrise with their rocking, interactive set, and awesome headliner Alysha Brilla to close out the evening.

As Springtide Saturday came to a close, we partied late, soaking up every last drop of live music and fun times together.

We would like to thank all of our fabulous volunteers, because seriously, without them, our festival wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to our sponsors that help make Springtide happen, and thank you to our artists and venues for putting on the shows we have so missed.

And that’s a wrap on the 2022 season. If you had a blast at this year’s festival, we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a review on our Facebook Page or on our Google listing. We can’t wait to relive all the memories!


Everything you need to know about Springtide 2022

Time to plan your festival weekend!We are less than one week away from Springtide 2022 and here’s everything you need to know about this year’s festival!

Springtide runs Thursday, July 21 – Saturday, July 23 with multiple venues and stages across Downtown Uxbridge. Kids 12 and under accompanied by an adult can enjoy the festival for free, on Friday and Saturday.

Springtide Launch Party

We will be kicking off our festival with a launch party concert at the Uxbridge Music Hall. A historic music venue in our town with killer headliner Bedouin Soundclash. The Launch Party will also feature performances by Julian Taylor and local Artist Tania Joy. This is a stand alone event meaning you will need a separate ticket from your weekend wristbands to attend. There are still a limited number of tickets available, which can be purchased through our website!

Specialty Stages

Along with over 70 awesome musical performances, Springtide is excited to share a few specialty stages curated for maximum enjoyment! On Friday July 22nd from 5pm-7pm we will have our Let’s Write a Song workshop, hosted by Bernadette Connors at The Bridge Social. This is a free interactive songwriting workshop for those of all ages and all song writing abilities and experience! 

NEW to this year’s program, the Author’s Stage hosted by Blue Heron Books in their back studio – feat. Author Michael Barclay and his book “Hearts on Fire: Six Years That Changed The Canadian Music Scene” from 6pm-8pm on Friday July 22. hosted by former MuchMusic man Tim Deegan⁠. 

There will be supper, compliments of the Tin Restaurant⁠, songs by Geoff Holt⁠, and drinks available at a cash bar!

Tickets are $25 and include all of the above PLUS a $10 book coupon. If you have a Springtide wristband, tickets are a steal, at $20! Pick up your ticket at Blue Heron Books!


Specialty Stages

You can start your Saturday morning early with us outdoors at Banjo Cider located at 614 Sanford Rd. for Yoga Tune-Up with Jennifer Bradley of Sun Dog Yoga and Alannah Kemp of Inner Environmentalism. This session starts at 10am and is included with a Saturday Wristband which can be purchased on site at Banjo Cider Saturday morning.

Saturday, afternoon, will be the Interview Stage curated by Tamara Williamson at The Bridge Social. At 3pm we will have the Fire Songs session, a conversation all about community with Hollowsage, Allanah Kemp and Kevin Ker, hosted by Josh Veens. At 4pm, the Up Close And Too Personal session hosted by experienced host, Blair Packham. This session delves into the lives of our guests; including Gravley James and Joel Saunders, and Emily Rockarts. And at 5pm the One Song session, hosted by Tamara Williamson, where artists, Suitcase Sam, Stephen Stanley and Rebekah Hawker have chosen a favourite song that they have written and will dive into the process of writing it, their inspiration, and the story behind the lyrics. This event is open to all those with a festival wristband.

Let’s not forget the Youth Stage hosted by Uxbridge’s own Amy Peck! The 2022 Springtide Youth Stage will include performances by 6 solo acts as well as a special performance by Youth Stage alumni Nate Hobor. You won’t believe the talent, mad skills, and musicianship that these performers will bring to the Youth Stage.

These young shining stars will be performing at the Uxbridge Legion on Saturday July 22nd from 2pm to 5pm. Entry is free with a Saturday wristband or $10 at the door. 


Centennial Park Outdoor Stage

Our Outdoor Main Stage has moved! Due to the damaging storm at the end of May and the temporary closing of our beloved Second Wedge Brewing Co., we needed to find a new location for Outdoor Main Stage. Luckily here in Uxbridge, the Trail Capital Of Canada, we were able to secure another beautiful green space to call home for the 2022 festival. Our Outdoor Main Stage will be in Centennial Park, at the bottom of Poplar Street, behind the Township of Uxbridge Building! Centennial Park is surrounded by mature trees and linked in with the Uxbridge trail system. We are excited to share one of our most beloved assets with our guests, along with a fantastic lineup!

Festival Trolley

If you’re from Uxbridge, you’ve likely seen the antique Town Trolley driving around town for special occasions and events! On Friday evening and Saturday evening from 7pm to Midnight the trolley will maintain a continuous loop around the downtown core, to make venues accessible for folks to catch all the music they want in a timely fashion for all who want to ‘hop on’ and ‘hop off’. This unique shuttle experience is the perfect way to get you around town so you can catch all your favorite acts! Watch for the Trolley Signs along the festival route! Thank you to Williamson’s Uxbridge Automotive for Sponsoring the Festival Trolley.


Where To Find The Springtide Festival Schedule

So you’ve got your Springtide wristband and Launch Party tickets, now what? Well, head over to our website to find our full festival schedule. Plan out the artists that you don’t want to miss and then, enjoy the music! We also have a selection of FREE pop up acoustic performances that will be happening around the downtown. In the coming days we will release a full list of our acoustic pop-up performances where you can catch some of your favourite artists completely unplugged.


Ticket Locations

This year, there are several locations where you can purchase tickets, and exchange for your wristbands.

The Uxbridge Music Hall located at 16 Main St. South will have the box office open on Tuesday July 19th and Wednesday July 20th from Noon to 6pm for pre-festival sales. As well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Noon until close.

The Ticket Hub at H. Bee Architecture, 88 Brock St. West. The Ticket Hub will be open during festival hours starting at Noon on Friday and 9am on the Saturday.

Tickets will also be available at the Uxbridge Tourism Trailer located on site at Centennial Park to purchase and exchange wristbands.

Finally, the Uxbridge Legion located at 109 Franklin Street will be open for ticketing during festival hours. Friday 7pm to close, Saturday 1pm to close. Also note that Youth Stage Tickets will be $10, available at the door, or included with your Saturday wristband.

Author’s Stage, Supper, Stories Sips and Songs, Tickets can be purchased online or in store through Blue Heron Books 62 Brock St. West. 

The Countdown Is On!
Now, if you haven’t already, mark your calendars and start your countdown! We hope you are just as excited as we are. Our COVID hiatus has certainly built up the suspense for our 2022 come back! Keep an eye on our social media pages for some Springtide 101s to help you enjoy and experience the festival to its fullest!


We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR and the Government of Canada 5 faves at Springtide, Uxbridge

July 3, 2022

By Will McGuirk

After the recent tornado destroyed a good chunk of Uxbridge, including the community hub, the Second Wedge Brewery, it was to the community itself to which those hit by nature’s wrath turned. It was local resilience against the global winds of climate change which has enabled the town to recover albeit slowly. We Shall Overcome could be the town’s motto, built as it is on its Quaker heritage and artists in residence present. It is a town full of makers, those who make things and those who make things better.

So after, not just two years of a pandemic and those associated shutdowns, but also the unexpected swirl of chaos which struck the town on Saturday May 21, the community of Uxbridge will be out in force for the we made it joys of Springtide Festival on July 21, 22, and 23.

There are several nationally known acts performing but the three day bill is heavier with local acts. Here are five for sure do not miss them acts:

Speaking of local resilience these Band of Weeds continue to pop-up around the town as the roots are strong and deep in this gathering of friends, which it would be fair to call a supergroup of Uxbridge musicians. Alannah Kemp as lead vocal, keys/guitar, Michael Hamilton (of M. H. Vernon) on bass/backup vocals, Thom Harvey (of STRNGR STRNGR) on lead guitar, Amy Peck (of Professors of Funk) on saxophone and Matt Gunn (of EightFiveTwo) on drums!

Geoff Holt is another local stalwart, a galvanizing force in the town. He has a couple of solo albums available. He also has Orangabang and Pawns on his resume but for me its his Musical Bingo nights which showcase his enthusiastic love of music and of community building.

Hollowsage is a transplant whose roots music have taken hold in Uxbridge. He is originally from the Soo but came south. There’s a darkness in his songs but also a deep humanity and empathy. Solo or with his band the Three Mile Islanders the songs of Hollowsage present truth as beauty but equally as beastly, and his music serves as a salve, his set at Springtide will no doubt be a tearful celebration.

Rory Taillon has gone north to Ottawa but his connection to the community along Reach Road is as strong as ever. He is returning to the spiritual home for Springtide but as has been written by some (ahem) the voice of Rory is such a force Uxbridge council could capitalize and weaponize his voice to be used against any future tornados.

Nerima are not of the Trail Capital but they are trekking to the town from the other side of the Oak Ridge. These young folks are of Whitby and Oshawa but their camaraderie and companionship would not be out of place. They are a band of seeds for a new generation of Springtide, one with civic pride at its core, but room to grow and gather.

Like music, community only gets stronger as it becomes more inclusive. Inclusivity is the secret to resiliency, a resiliency to ward off all manner of circumstances. 

Introducing our Local Hero Series

Springtide Music Fest is about bringing out local musicians to share their talent and love of music. We take pride in being able to provide a stage to showcase our local music heroes and to help spread their beautiful sounds to all those who listen.

We also love that Springtide shares people and experiences. Memories are made with us and friends are found. It may be ingrained in our nature, being from the small, but growing, community of Uxbridge, we know what a tightly knit group of neighbours feels like. Today we are excited to Launch our Local Heroes video series, where we will share a snippet into the lives of some of our beloved, local, music icons.

First off the block is Dawna Marie. Dawna grew up in Uxbridge and discovered her love of music at a young age.

“Have been playing music since I was a little girl, first piano and then guitar at age 24. I started writing songs soon after learning a few chords but really started playing out about 5 years ago, says Dawna.”

“I love the sense of wonder in the mundane and often write about my real experiences intermingled with fiction and dreams not yet realized. I often refer to music as my lifeline. I feel stronger and feel able to live better when I’m out playing or listening to live music. My favourite thing is when I feel that magic connection between the musician and the listener.”

To follow along with the rest of our Local Heroes video series, keep an eye out on our social media pages and check back on the Local Heroes section on our website.

Big shout out to Diamond Sponsor @KX96FM for your support of the 2022 Festival!

Full Lineup Announced for 2022!

The countdown is on for Springtide Music Fest 2022! Only 5 weeks to go and we are excited to share more festival details! After our two year, pandemic hiatus, we can’t wait to see all your smiling faces once again!

Springtide Music Festival will be kicking off on Thursday July 21st with the Springtide Launch Party at the beautiful and historic Uxbridge Music Hall. The evening is reserved seating and will feature performances by Bedouin Soundclash, Julian Taylor and local Uxbridge artist Tania Joy. 


Due to the devastating effect from the recent storm that hit the Uxbridge community, the outdoor mainstage has been moved from our beloved Second Wedge Brewing Co. The Springtide 2022 main stage will now be located downtown, at Centennial Park, surrounded by mature trees and linked in with the uxbridge trail system. As Uxbridge is the trail capital of Canada, we are looking forward to sharing one of our greatest assets with our guests! Some of the artists that will be taking on our main stage include Alysha Brilla, Skye Wallace, Goodnight Sunrise, Ellevator, Housewife, and more!


Springtide Music Festival will also feature specialty stages including Springtide Youth Stage on Saturday afternoon at Uxbridge Legion, showcasing some of rising, young talent; the Let’s Write a Song! youth workshop with Bernadette Connors on the Workshop Stage at The Bridge Social; and the Author’s Stage presented by Blue Heron Books.

We are also pleased to share our full artist lineup! We will see performances by Mattie Leon, Julien Kelland, Elyse Saunders, Jeremy Fisher, I, the Mountain, Jerry Leger & The Situation, Kingdom Of Birds, Rory Taillon, Jerome Tucker Band and many more! The full line up can he found on our website.

Springtide is looking forward to creating a space for our guests to celebrate local talent, enjoy some great music, and to share and spread joy together. A reminder to all those who purchased tickets for the 2020 festival, your tickets will be honoured for Springtide Music Fest 2022.